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Paranz is the ultimate destination for a soft tulle skirt, bridal, tutu, and floral dresses. We only value customer satisfaction. Any product within significant defect excluding the normal wear and tear is accepted within the first 90 days of actual purchase to get repaired. Paranz has the right to refuse any repair at its own judgment.

Defect in the zipper, missing button, and button breakage are accepted as a manufacturing defect. Paranz craft all its products with care and sincerity. Before offering the product on the website or in our store, our expert team checks all the little details to make everything error-free. Due to light and shade, the actual color may vary in pictures. Aging may cause wear and tear and that is completely normal.

Improper care can result in discoloration, loss of 3D flowers, feathers, ruffle, and buttons and these will not be covered by Paranz as it does not fall under the warranty policy. In that case, you can contact us you for some repair (if repair is possible) and you have to pay the repair charges. Delicate fabrics and engaged in fashion collections and apparels. But its normal wear and tear do not fall under the warranty policy.

For more details, please leave an email at [email protected]