Your little girl is walking down the aisle with her darling flower dress on with a pleasing smile- imagine how much heavenly the moment will be! If we check history again, we will find a lot of royal female figures who were extremely elegant and prefer to wear tulle flower dresses to maintain their class and charm. Presently, there is no barrier as all people of society can wear flower dresses with great style value. But the sad part is that there are a lot of myths about these dresses even today. Paranz is here to share you all the correct and helpful information and its wide flower dress collection. So, let’s start-

The traditional role of the flower girl

Flower girl is related to the marriage ceremony. Here little girls who fall between typical three to eight years section can join as a flower girl. Here we have mentioned the age section ‘typically’ as there is no fixed rule! Generally, the flower girl’s role is to herald the maid of honor down the aisle and spreading the flower petals when the bride walks. The flower girl also acts as a ring bearer or prefers to walk with the groom. Not only flower petals but also she can scatter other things like confetti. In some wedding, it is also noticed that flowers girls also carry a pomander. According to the choice, wedding planners can make it extra creative.

Who can be a flower girl?

A little girl, who has a close relationship with the bride, can be a flower girl. The little girl can be the bride’s friend’s daughter, own niece, and cousin. But one bride cannot have too many flower girls.

What is a flower girl dress?

Generally, flower girl dresses are made up of tulle, ruffle, appliqués, embroidery, sequin, and even pearls. Actually, there is no fixed rule. Sometimes, you will notice that the flower girl’s dress is the mini version of the bride’s dress and that is extremely cute. Previously there were two popular colors- ivory and light pink. Presently Paranz is here with amazing bold and bright colors so that your little diva can enjoy the best style statement of the era.

Why choosing Paranz is the best decision to buy flower dresses?

Well, now it comes to the ultimate point. Like all other customers, you too will think that there are a lot of online and offline shops, why one will choose Paranz! We welcome your thought and we will be delighted if you read the below facts-

First of all, Paranz sells authentic products. We do not offer our customers any below the quality product. We know that you will shop for your little and delicate princess from here and we do not want to hurt your emotion by offering anything under the required quality.

We craft genuine kids’ clothes. We do not buy any synthetic alternative. We have own manufacturing support and that’s why we need a minimum four weeks to deliver your products. After getting the order, we manufacture and then deliver. We have both online and offline presence. A lot of people come to our physical stores and spend some time with us.

You can enjoy the uniqueness with us. You can easily differentiate our products with others. We design and include all the best things so that your little girl can have the best flower dress experience.

You can see the elegant pearl, sequin, rhinestone, and appliqué work on all our flower dresses. Along with the style, we maintain high-class elegance value.

Generally, parents of the little girls come to our place both online and offline and do shopping according to their heart. Or you can reward that little princess with a beautiful flower dress for being a special part of your wedding day. In order to explore the latest children dress, please browse our site! To get any kind of information, you can directly mail or chat with us.

Have a happy day ahead!

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