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Dressing up a baby is no easy task. In fact if the truth is to be told at times it can really be tricky specially when special occasions come up. Formal dresses for kids must be enough fancy but at the same time those must be comfortable. In addition to that those items must be safe from health aspect. Thus when you go shopping for your little one(s) to buy special occasion dresses you have to stay alert for a list of things or factors to make the best out of your effort and money.

In the following paragraphs let us explore few important shopping tips for baby dresses.


While shopping for your little angel you should always remember that she is just a kid. She does not care what she is wearing or how you’re dressing her up. Most importantly she wants to be happy and comfortable in her new dresses. However there exists a very thin line between cuteness and impracticality in the given context. Excessively fancy dress or dresses does not cut much ice. Therefore it is better to avoid the features discussed below while picking up special occasion dresses for your little one(s).

Avoid embellishments that are potential danger

The most crucial thing to consider while shopping for dresses for infants is their safety. Therefore you should simply avoid or ignore the following add-ons in dresses to keep your little one safe and unharmed.

  • Fur or feather – those items may cause irritation to sensitive baby skin
  • Long bows or ties – those are potentially dangerous as can cause strangulation
  • Loose or large buttons babies are known to try to pull off those accompaniments, which lead to choking hazardIn addition to that avoid zippers on dresses for your toddlers because it may pinch the skin.Whatever dress you choose or find attracted to, consider any potential danger that may erupt from it and put your child through pain and suffering.Strict no-no to scratchy materials    

    Remember that every itchy, scratchy material, however attractive and appealing it may appear, is a surefire way to make any toddler fussy. While hosting or attending a special occasion with family and friends the last thing you want is your child unhappy and sort of suffering in an uncomfortable dress. As a doting, responsible parent you have to avoid such situation by any means. Therefore you must choose a dress that is soft, comfortable and does not put your tiny angel through a trying time. Remember baby skin is highly sensitive and thus more prone to allergic reactions pretty easily, suggest designers working on exclusive girl dresses.

    Stay miles away from fabrics that are prone to issues

    Other than potentially dangerous add-ons and scratchy materials, you should better stay away from fabrics that are prone to issues as well. What are the fabrics that are potentially harmful? The list includes cheap, low quality ones, those extremely delicate ones as well as those that wrinkle easily and get torn at the drop of a hat. Toddlers are after all toddler; they are just helpless preventing accidents.  But you can cut down their risk factor to a great extent by avoiding fabrics that are potentially harmful.

    Get out of the box and expand your horizon

    Large branded stores and malls invariably offer varieties of dressing options for kids. But as far special occasion dresses for baby girls is concerned, such places are known to offer limited alternatives. These days the world has gone online and so should you too. Access the web to buy dresses for girls online and get easy access to high quality, stylish, trendy formal dresses for your tiny daughter absolutely hassle-free.

  • Things that you should DO

    It is possible to dress your little girl in fancy, formal dresses that won’t by any chance make her fuss, squirm or make uncomfortable. Here are few tips.

  • Choose dresses that sufficiently cover her diaper.
  • Choose clothing items that are easy to both dress and undress. Most probably you have to shoulder this responsibility at different times of the day. There are innumerable girlie dressing options for infants and toddlers that can be easily and effortless done and undone. This not only keeps the child at ease but also makes your life easier in the long process.
  • Choose dresses that are designed smartly with snaps so that you can change diapers effortlessly.
  • Make sure the dresses you choose come with loose-fitting sleeves so that your hands can easily slide in to push those tiny arms through.
  • Select stretchable fabrics as much as possible.
  • Plan and shop in advance – Make sure you buy formal dresses for your little girl much ahead an event. Never ever get it at the last moment. Fancy dresses for infants are hardly used or worn. Thus make sure to choose a dress in which your daughter can grow into. This way you secure higher return on your investment.Toddlers and kids grow faster than one can imagine. There are only so many events to deck your daughter with exclusive baby girl dresses. Thus every time an occasion arises, do splurge your budget a little. This investment pays off in the times to come. Down the timeline when you look back the old family photo albums you see your toddler daughter in her finest dresses.

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