‘Formal attire’ is a common dress code in a large number of social gatherings including weddings and charity dinners. Most people, including many stylish and fashion-conscious ones, are known to feel little difficulty in handling such invitations. As a matter of fact, for men this is much less hassle as they can easily blend themselves in any formal ambience just by wearing a black tuxedo or a suit of their choice.

But for ladies the solution is not so easy at hand. Formal attire for women usually boils down to buying a costly gown for every formal event that they attend. And this can be real taxing for the wallet – if you know what I mean.

Luckily for them, there is a straightaway solution to nail the ‘formal dress code’ without going bankrupt. And that is by renting formal attire for formal events. However this may not sound very soothing to many ears but this was just a practical suggestion. Many such rental agencies exist today to provide this kind of service.

However, in this blog post basically we are going to explore the concept of ‘formal attire’. Once you are aware about the basics of this concept, then handling both your image and wardrobe is not a big problem.

The basic concept of formal dress

When you are stuck with formal dressing it is always smart to stick to dressing items that are either dark or muted in shade. However, there can be exceptions depending on various situations and ambiences but we save that part for some other time.

Formal dresses for women typically are floor length. However knee-length or midi option can be acceptable in certain situations. You are at your liberty to choose the neckline but as a word of caution, never choose anything that is ultra-plunging. The thumb rule says you should forbid exposing too much skin in any formal attire.

So what exactly is formal attire?

Here is a very crisp answer to the question above that hits the nail right on the head to drive home. Formal attire is those dresses that you wear to the fanciest events and social gatherings in your calendar.

The objective or goal is to nail a formal look by dressing for the given occasion, explain designers crafting some of the choicest evening dresses for women.

Formal events as well as formal attire vary wider than you can imagine. There are such dresses that you can wear at a certain event but at another. A ball gown aptly fits in a white tie wedding; it gives the event somewhat a formal business-like appearance.

In the following section let us explore more into the tricky domain of dress codes.

White tie event – your chance to slip on a ball gown

White tie affairs are indeed a formal gathering and are most reserved for fancy weddings, top galas and obviously state banquets. Other than your prom night this is perhaps the most convincing chance for you to wear a ball gown.

There is no such concept as going overboard at such events. You can easily and confidently choose form-fitting silhouettes and glitzy metallic gowns. Accessories must include statement jewels and ofcourse a pair of high heels.

Black tie events – time to slip on those floor-sweeping dresses

Choose a lengthy, floor-length gown and the trick for such events is you have to avoid looking too casual. You can highlight your feminine curves in a simple-fitted silhouette and as minimal embellishment as possible to cut out that sleek formal appearance.

However keep the option of bedecked shoes and clutches on with this particular dress code.

Black tie optional – time to choose chic and slick cocktail dresses

This dress code also calls for formal attire but is more relaxed than white or black tie events. Thus you can zero in upon flirty embellishments like lace and romantic ruffles. Mid-length cocktail dresses are most suitable in these events because they make you look formal but not too dressy.

The dress code is much less conservative and thus you can go with experimenting with varieties of colors, silhouettes and shades. Do choose a killer pair of heels because your feet will be displayed with a shorter hemline.

Business formal – time to go for tailored formal wear

This dress code is kind of tricky; stick to tailored dressing items in professional shades because your boss will be around watching you at these events. Your dressing options can include fitted black pantsuit, a sheath dress that ends just below the knee and likewise.

Outdoor formal – your chance to opt for flowing, formal options

This type of events occurs outdoors and you are not expected to attend in laid-back and casual. Here you are free to experiment with colors, suggest technically sound craftsmen experienced in designing evening party gowns.

However you should avoid too much revealing options and mini dresses. Go for dresses wrapped in silk or printed frocks accessorized with fancy jewelry and a handbag. Choose both your dress and accessories wisely to avoid the sun as well as to stay away from sinking in the grass or sand. You may consider block heels.

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