‘Evening wear’ is a typical dress code which denotes a formal occasion. Guests attending such events or occasions are expected to maintain a formal look both in the dress and overall appearance. If the invitation that you have received states ‘evening wear’ or ‘formal wear’ as the dress code then you have no better option than focusing on sophistication blended with glamour.

As per the established convention evening wear for men mostly boil down to black or white tie with suits to reflect dignity. While that for divas mostly mean gowns, cocktail dresses or formal dresses. You can wear an evening dress to any occasion that calls for a sit-down dinner. This range of dresses is also ideal to attend charity balls. The grandeur of your dress should reflect the level of gravity or formality of an event.

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A little research turns out to be the handiest option to switch to the right formal dress for a given occasion, including birthdays, engagements and weddings. And who doesn’t know the virtual web is the best platform in this time and age to do the necessary research!

In the following paragraphs of the blog post let’s explore some basics of the formal dress code to get you going.

Basics of ‘formal’ dress code

  • Darker shades reflect elegance: Imagine there’s a dress that runs anywhere from your knees till below the ankles. When your dress has a longer hem, it radiates class and elegance. If you want to wear such dresses do try them with rich colors on rich fabrics. Remember a smart trick in this context – darker shades invariably look more formal than lighter ones. This is the reason why smart women with sound dressing sense usually keep their preferred shades limited within emerald green navy blue, deep burgundy and such other typical darker shades. However classic black has always been there since the beginning of times in the range of darker hues. But the ones mentioned above reflect more modern twist compared to it.


  • Zero in on formal accessories: Formal accessories are undoubtedly your best bet to spice up the appeal of any formal dress suggest designers highly experienced in crafting evening party dresses for women. While following a formal dress code, you should bet on and only bet on formal accessories. For example a chandelier styled earrings is a more tasteful choice for a glamorous night out. A satin clutch – similarly on the other hand – looks more stylish as well as practical while adhering to an evening wear dress code.

If your gown is decked with an intricate neckline, use it to your advantage and just choose a statement bangle or gem-studded embellishment. Even a statement ring goes smoothly with such dresses to make you look elegant and trendy.

An embellished purse goes great with a formal dress or gown in solid colors. As far as the ongoing craze is concerned, demand for styles like mermaid silhouettes are reining high.

Dressing correctly for parties with different dress codes

When the dress code is either ‘formal’, ‘black tie’ or ‘white tie’: A black tie invitation unarguably calls for formal attire. Men, in such occasions can resort to tuxedos and women can sparkle their glamour in either in long formals, evening party dresses or cocktail gowns. Remember that a smart, little black dress is just inappropriate at such an event.

Usually code word ‘formal’ means the same as ‘Black tie’. But certain trendier and fashion-loving cities like New York or Los Angeles ‘formal’ may indicate a black shirt and a tuxedo with no tie. On the other hand when the dress code is White Tie, it is an invitation to attend in ultra-formal attire for both men and women. Ladies in particular are expected to grace such occasions in long gowns with full ball skirt.

Dress code says Black Tie Optional. This kind of dress code, just like Black Tie, let you toy with the idea of wearing a tuxedo. Else your other option is a dark suit with tie. Women can wear evening party dresses, cocktail dresses or long dresses to such events.

A certain dress code says creative black tie. This one unlike the rest we’ve discussed so far allows you to make a trendy interpretation of formal dressing. At this kind of events you may wear either long or short dresses depending on your mood. Else you can slip into evening party dresses too.

If you’re interested about themed parties then you must have heard about Creative Black Tie dress code or any of its variations. Here you can apply your innovative mind to work and can wear long dresses with sophisticated silver belt and other jewelry.

These days dress code Resort Formal is much popular at massive, fancy weddings at mind-blowing locations like the Caribbean archipelago. In other words this particular dress code is meant for warm weather locales. As stylish diva you can grace such occasions in maxi dress or something bright and lightweight like sundress.

Semi formal is another dress code that’s worth mentioning. It is also called After-Six attire. At such occasions guys don’t need wearing tuxes neither women need those long, formal dresses. If it’s an evening wedding scheduled after 6pm women can wear their cocktail dresses. However if it is scheduled in the daytime you can attend the occasion in a short dress or a nice suit, whichever you decide.

Business formal is another common dress code these days. Women usually stick to well-tailored suits and dresses at such events. In other words dressing must be appropriate for business with nothing sexy or unnecessarily exposing.

Cocktail Attire is another dress code that deserves little discussion. Women can wear shorter party dresses at such events including skirt and blouse, little black dress. Cocktail dressing is supposed to be more casual than Black Tie in one hand while on the other is less dressy than formal attire.

Highly skilled and competent designers crafting party dresses for women over the years discuss some popular dress codes in the paragraphs above to help you choose the right dress for a given occasion. In case you feel like you need more guidance, just get in touch without hesitation. We’re always glad helping out people like you in choosing the right attire to attend a particular event.


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